About Theresa Kallo

Are You Ready For Change?

I am passionate about helping people move forward with their lives. So often, we have subconscious blockages, issues life has unexpectedly thrown at us.

Hi,  name is Theresa Kallo and I’m a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist I started my journey as a young child.   I was born and bred in the heart of Gippsland a small town called Longwarry, so I’m definitely a local!  I understand the isolation that small country towns can sometimes offer.

I was a curious and adventurous young soul who loved the country life and also loved animals. From that point on-wards I saw a deep connection between nature and life. I was always an observant person throughout my life who craved an understanding of how the mind works and can keep us from moving forward while enjoying life and fully exploring ones worth. 

I learnt the value of  high self esteem and confidence that allows you to move forward towards our goals and aspirations in life.

As I was growing up life sometimes seemed unforgiving in a sense that I didn’t understand why things happened, how they happened and the outcome was sometimes can very unkind. This was of great interest to me. I knew deep down there must be a way I could turn things around.

Throughout my life’s journey I began to observe and understand how the focus of our thoughts and intentions affect our lives on every level.  We all desire at our deepest being is  to create a fulfilling and satisfying life on many levels throughout our life’s journey.

It became my pure intent to make a better, healthier life for myself and so I began to look into how the mind could work.

How the conscious and subconscious power of the could be harnessed to work co creatively together to create a life of opportunity, ease and happiness.


I wasn’t going to change and lose the positive aspects of myself. I wanted to be remain exactly who I was meant to be.  A kind, gentle, caring and respectful person who loved life.

Deep down I knew by finding the right tools and knowledge, combined with awareness, I would have the ability to push through those emotional and physical barriers throughout my journey.

 I started to learn how, through the process of changing my thoughts, my emotions , my new perceptions that this allowed the world around me to change as my perceptions changed.

Together with  my Diploma of Clinical Hypnotherapy and life’s powerful knowledge I invite all who want to create a better life and understanding of  themselves while remaining, calm and living a healthy,  balanced journey.   I truly enjoyed helping people along the way to live a fulfilling and happy life that we’re all rightly deserving of – is an honor.

It’s okay to ask for help and gain the tools to cope for your mental and physical well-being.  And in these increasingly busy times, the most precious gift you can give yourself, is to be the very best version of you and live the life you’re meant to be living.

The power of communication is so powerful.  It is not only how we communicate with others – it’s the more powerful partner of our silent internal communication with ourselves.  I identified what the importance of the  subconscious communication was and is the missing piece to the puzzle.   I

Allow me to assist you to reach your goals and create a life plan together that suits your busy lifestyle while living a happier, healthier life that you’re so deserving.  I look forward to meeting you when you are ready for that change now,


What Can I Do For You?

Create The Life You Want To Live Today


 What Is Holding You Back From Living Life As You Dream Of?

Your mind is a powerful tool, and deep down, if we get our conscious  mind out of the way and access out subconscious mind, deep life affirming changes can be transformative. Often these changes can take place in only 1 or 2 sessions. How would you like to be  happier, more confident and successful?

I Invite You To Experience The Healing Power Of Hypnotherapy 

Together we work in safe supported environment to break through those blockages holding you back. Hypnotherapy is a gentle process and you do not need to relive trauma. At the end of the session people often report feeling as if a huge weight has lifted and they walk into their lives feeling a new clarity and purpose

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.