The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

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What Is Hypnosis?

It’s not like what you see in the movies

Theresa Kallo

My Story

Welcome, My name is Theresa Kallo and I’m a Qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist.  I started my journey as a young  child, a curious and  adventurous soul who saw the connections between, people, nature and life.

I have always been very observant around my surroundings and  loved to understand how the mind works.  As I experienced myself in life how the mind can keep us from moving forward, enjoying life and acknowledging ones own worth can be challenging.

 Throughout my growing years I relized that, life can be sometimes very unforgiving in a sense,  that we don’t understand why things happen to us, how they happen and the many frustrations associated with this painful process throughout our journey is not an easy one to master  .

And how  repeated incidences  or drama keep returning into our lives creating an unbalanced mind, body connection that can keep us trapped and stagnant within.   Instead we should be enjoying life and moving forward.  Forward to a fulfiling life’s journey and being the best version of ourselves possible.  How good does that sound and feel to you?     To Be The Best Version Of Yourself?  And Living that Difference!!

 I became so determined within myself  that I made a lifetime promise to never give up until I found out the secret on how I could turn things around …… To be happy and achieve all the things that mattered to me in this lifetime and to be the best version of myself in an ever changing world.

This process took many  years  of wanting to know everything without missing a piece of this mysterious puzzle, the puzzle we call life.   I was filled with such determination to understand what was going on within myself and my surrounds  because I knew that if I missed any steps along the way that I would most likely have to learn this painful process all over again.  

I started reading dozens and dozens of books absorbing all the necessary information to thrive in the most  positive way for the greater good of all.  I would trail all my findings on people throughout my life until I  found out what actually worked.  I remain stimulated by the mere fact of knowing that we are all uniquely different and require individualized motivations, support, care and environments to thrive in this ever changing world. 

Hypnosis is a natural state of selective, focused attention, and, even though it is 100% natural and normal, it remains one of the most fascinating phenomena of the human mind. Our ability to enter this unique state of consciousness opens the door to countless possibilities for healing, self-exploration and change. Hypnosis, called by different names in different cultures and times, has been recognized for thousands of years and used for many purposes.

A Safe, Gentle And Non Invasive Therapy

Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle therapeutic approach to ones well being.  It allows mind and body to relax so the sub conscious can reconnect with the conscious mind bringing them to a level of awareness through an altered state of consciousness.  Together with your own uniquely prepared therapy applied with Theresa, you have the ability to recall past events, blockages, and stuck behaviour patterns can emerge.

Hypnosis Lets You Create New Neural Pathways

 Hypnosis allows the brain to temporarily suspend old thought patterns which allows pathway for new behaviour and thoughts to occur naturally. Hypnotherapy allows this level of self empowering knowledge that already exists and lies within yourself.

You have all the answers, and I am purely supporting you throughout this process.  This experience is one of support in a relaxing, caring environment with positive changes towards ones beliefs, values and patterns. Experience the freedom and comfort of knowing a professional qualified therapist who has your best interest at heart.

One who has lived and understands that sometimes life can be unsettling, discomforting and very unforgiving. This behaviour can be very unsettling towards you internally, externally towards others and surrounding environments. It can affect your mental and physical well-being in life.

 Imagine having the knowledge and tools to step forward into a happier and healthier lifestyle

 Imagine a life that you’re living not just purely existing.

When we enter a hypnotic state, for reasons that are as yet not clear, the focused state of hypnosis allows changes to intentionally be made “automatically”, changes that we could not ordinarily consciously make.

Hypnosis has been successfully used to treat pain, anxiety, depression, stress, OCD, fear and many other psychological and medical problems.

Suffer Anxiety?

Anxiety, whether chronic or occasional, can impact every area of your life. Together, we can work to bring balance back to your life


Not where you would like to be in life? Sometimes those subconscious blockages can be self sabotaging. Hypnosis dissolves these barriers

Terminal Illness

Hearing the words you have a major illness can turn your world upside down. Using these tools can help you feel calmer and more able


“I experienced the most transformative hypnotherapy session with Theresa. I knew I had to break down some deep inner blockages holding me back in life and business.
Through every step of the process, I felt safe, supported and validated.


Chriss Smith

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Medical hypnosis, sometimes called hypnotherapy, uses verbal repetition and/or mental imagery (facilitated by a hypnotherapist or one’s self) to induce a “trance-like state” of increased focus. It’s typically described as feeling calm and relaxing and usually opens people up to the power of suggestion.

Once disregarded as a parlor trick, hypnosis is increasingly believed to improve many of those outcomes. The American Medical Association approved hypnosis as a therapy in 1958 (although it later rescinded its position, according to the ASCH), and the APA followed suit three years later, according to Harvard Medical School. That’s not to say it’s a panacea: In fact, more research is needed to prove lasting benefits of hypnosis for certain facets of health, such as weight loss or smoking cessation. But more promising results exist in other areas of study. Here are a few of the science-backed benefits of hypnosis to consider.

Hypnosis can help improve deep sleep.

In previous studies of the effects of hypnosis on sleep, study participants were simply asked to report back on how well (or poorly!) they felt they slept after hypnosis. But in a recent study, Swiss researchers were able to measure its effects by monitoring brain activity in a group of healthy, young women as they took a 90-minute nap after listening to a hypnotic suggestion tape. The women who were deemed the most susceptible to hypnosis spent 80 percent more time in slow-wave sleep (the deep, restorative phase of our shut-eye) after listening to the hypnosis tape than they did after listening to a neutral spoken text. “[T]he results may be of major importance for patients with sleep problems and for older adults,” lead researcher Maren Cordi of the University of Zurich said in a statement. “In contrast to many sleep-inducing drugs, hypnosis has no adverse side effects.”

It can ease symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

In a 2003 study, 71 percent of 204 irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) patients reported improved symptoms after 12 weekly hour-long hypnosis sessions, the APA reported. Of those who reported improvements, 81 percent continued to feel better up to six years after the hypnosis treatment had ended, according to the study. In a 2012 study, 85 percent of IBS patients who reported improvement after hypnosis still felt better up to seven years later. “The conclusion is that hypnotherapy could reduce both the consumption of healthcare and the cost to society, and that hypnosis therefore belongs in the arsenal of treatments for IBS,” researcher Magnus Simrén said in a statement.

Hypnosis can quell hot flashes.

Among postmenopausal women who reported at least 50 hot flashes a week, five weekly hypnosis sessions cut hot flashes by 74 percent 12 weeks later, a 2013 study found. Meanwhile, women who did not receive hypnosis but instead had weekly sessions with a clinician only experienced a 17 percent drop in hot flashes.

It can ease pain.

Hypnosis is perhaps most well-researched in the context of managing pain. Two meta-analyses of existing pain and hypnosis research, published in 2000 and 2009, deemed hypnosis effective at lowering pain associated with a number of conditions, including fibromyalgia, arthritis and cancer, but noted that few psychologists were using it, and those who were had little standardization in administering hypnotherapy.

Hypnosis can calm nerves.

Because of its ability to harness the powers of the mind, hypnosis is often employed to relieve anxieties related to other medical procedures, like surgery, scans or even giving birth, called state anxiety. “The mechanism may be similar to the placebo effect — in which patients’ expectations play a major role in how they feel,” Melinda Beck wrote for the Wall Street Journal in 2012. “Hypnosis, in turn, can help patients adjust those expectations to minimize pain, fear and disability.” More research is needed to determine if hypnosis might alleviate generalized anxiety disorder or what’s called trait anxiety, or anxiety relating to personality rather than a specific event, according to a 2010 review of the research. Preliminary studies have started to examine hypnosis in depression treatment as well, but more research is needed.